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Common goals and values
with the GETVISION Team

“We inspire teams to work productively, create new business opportunities for our customers and provide an integrity that enables our customers to achieve their goals.”

We bring together market leaders
to develop and integrate your business, while creating
the art of appreciating life and time.

Daria Vasilieva

IT ManagementStrategic Board
Sergey Pastushenko

Marketing & PRStrategic Board
Marina Rakhimzhanova

HR ManagementStrategic Board
Dana Ferber

Olga Skiba

Investment analystAnastasia Zhiltsova

Digital marketingYaroslav Merza

Technology scoutAndrey Ogievsky

“We provide a fresh look at business development, business model validation and develop strategies and tactics to achieve your goals…” – Darya Vasilieva, founder GETVISION, with personal trade turnover in fixed income investment instruments of more than $2.5 billion, including DCM, and private equity projects.

In the core of ours code of ethics lies the ability to achieve high standards in business. Our successful experience of working with private and institutional investors in international markets allows:

  • Understanding the intricacies of doing business in the country of residence or in any market a company plans to enter.
  • Building an extended network, to facilitate the search for strategic partners and launch a pilot scheme to test the business model.
  • Finding an investor and establishing effective communication, thus, reducing the time for a positive decision on the project.