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We provide the best financing solutions for:

  • managing project evaluation instruments for businesses and decision makers – investors;
  • selecting effective financial instruments depending on the industry, the stage of the project’s development and its financial results.

GETVISION – Your Financial Advisor
on the Global Capital Markets

Market Research
We track the industry preferences of venture investors and conduct our own market research.
Due Diligence
We form a comprehensive picture of the object for financing, measure its fair value and identifying possible legal and tax pitfalls.
Project Packaging
We consult on project fundraising strategy and help prepare pitching materials for successful fundraising campaigns.
Hands-on Approach
We consult on all aspects of business activity including Business Strategy, Management, Marketing, HR and IT.


The mechanisms for attracting investment and finding the optimal financial instruments can be divided into three parts:

Project preparedness analysis
Presentation of the business model, explanation of the strategy, setting up the financial model, and putting together a pool of authoritative experts.
Filing documents:
Business plan, financial model, pitch deck, constituent documents, documents on providing assets, financial statements whose figures can be deciphered and explained to investors.
Investor relations
Cooperation with Russia’s leading financial institutions.
Our own pool of potential investors.

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Investment Ideas

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    GETVISION ServicesFinancial AdvisorInvestor RelationsBusiness DevelopmentPackaging support
    Elevator Pitch
    Pitch Deck
    Investor presentation
    Investor presentation quarterly
    Annual report to shareholders
    Analytical note on completeness of documentation
    Analytical note on the investment attractiveness of the project **

    We guide and support projects on the path
    to a lasting and reliable partnership
    with strategic and financial investors

    Our clients: private equity and portfolio investment funds, family offices, small and medium-sized enterprises, private banks, financial advisors and business angels.
    Financial model
    To see the capabilities of the structure and the team in a new light, to construct a development plan and build a project roadmap.

    Vitaly Krasavsky, CEO VRV Consultants
    PITCH&GO Session
    To structure the project, highlight its strengths and formulate the most profitable proposal for potential investors.

    Anna Ledeneva, curator of Booryak
    Selection of financial instruments
    A GREAT VIBE for NLSQL development! The NLSQL team and I personally enjoyed our collaboration with Darya. Keep aiming for new ambitious achievements together!

    Denis Chernenko, Founder of NLSQL

    Magic Reality Group INC

    Magic Reality Group Inc. is a full-service company that creates innovative high-tech shows and offers first-class promotion services. The original show created by MRG “Sleeping Beauty Dreams” is a symbiosis of contemporary dance and the latest 3D digital technology for projecting avatars in real time to EDM music.

    My Gelato

    My Gelato produces legendary gelato artigianale – a famous Italian ice cream, which is prepared manually following original recipes using fresh milk, cream, fruits, berries, nuts, cheese and chocolate.


    Facilitates insurance of the future by providing instantaneous payouts and offering low prices. A modular technical decision is built on the concept of a product assembly line.


    A cloud solution which transforms human speech into a well-structured request by using a chatbot, thus allowing anyone to easily make data-driven decisions, increasing productivity and driving businesses forward.

    Startup management:
    10 tools for launching a startup

    It is customary to include fundamentally new business ideas, business plans developed for them and specific sources of funding to the mandatory components of any startup.

    “We inspire teams to work productively, create new business opportunities for our customers and provide an integrity that enables our customers to achieve their goals.”

    There are many instruments for attracting financing for early-stage startups in the world, and in Russia the main instruments are the sale of a block of shares or a convertible loan.

    The sale of a block of shares involves the sale of a share of the company to an investor for a certain amount. The size of this share depends on the estimated value of the company, which is agreed with the investor.
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